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TESCO - Total Design Group becomes a principal contractor

In 2019 Total Design Shopfitting were approached by the Tesco development team to assist with a future fit out programme, consisting of new and existing stores.

After carrying out a thorough prequalifying audit to become a Tesco contractor, Total Design Shopfitting (TDS) were appointed as a Tesco Principal Contractor. Since being awarded this position, TDS has successfully completed the full fit out installation and refurbishment of new and existing Tesco Express stores throughout the South of England.

Supplying Management and Skilled Labour

As well as this on-going retail work, TDS has also assisted with several fast-track roll out programmes all over the UK. We have supported the various Tesco Project teams with the management and skilled on-site labour to carry out the alterations at speed, seven days a week.

These programmes required careful planning, and consistent on call management, as well as a positive installation team to make sure all the dates were successfully achieved.

Improvements to Distribution Centres

Outside of retail, TDS have carried out improvements and remodelling to the welfare facilities of three Tesco Distribution Centres. This work has involved liaising with the distribution managers and facility managers, to make sure that the centres operations are not disrupted, and that the consideration of a busy environment is not compromised while the improvements are carried out.

Having demonstrated our capabilities, we have been awarded further Tesco Distribution Centres.

We Are Now a Key Tesco Contractor

Within a few years we have built up our business infrastructure to support Tesco with current and future development programmes.